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Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools

Vinyl liner pools are the most popular pools installed today, due to their lower construction costs and ease of maintenance. And with flexible design options and dozens of liner choices, you can be sure that your pool will be one of a kind! Aqualand installs Cardinal Vinyl Liner Pools, a nationally renowned line of swimming pools that continues to push the standards of quality year after year.
Cardinal pools feature modular walls made of galvanized 14-gauge, corrosion resistant steel. This allows you to design a pool in any shape you want, and it will last for many, many years. They also feature "Z-braces" and "A-frames" to provide greater structual rigidity to the walls, which is important during the freeze/thaw cycles of the weather here in the north-east.
Cardinal vinyl liner pools offers unsurpassed design flexibility, so you can design any pool you imagine!

Gunite/Shotcrete Swimming Pools

Tiled swimming lanes, custom steps, freeform design, attached spas and waterfalls are just some of the many features in an Aqualand gunite pool. Aqualand builds the most APSP award winning gunite pools in the area, and with the help of an Aqualand Design Specialist, you can be assured that your new pool will be everything you'd expect and more!
One of the key benefits of a gunite pool is the freedom of design. Since no prefabricated parts are used, there are no design limitations. And because gunite pools are essentially one solid piece, the structural integrity of the pool is unmatched!
What sets an Aqualand pool above most other gunite pools is its superior construction. Once excavation of the pool is complete, thick #4, one half inch steel reinforcing rods are placed over the surface in an interlocking, grid like patern. Water lines, skimmers and main drains are then installed within the grid. Finally, specially formulated concrete is pneumatically "shot" into the rebar, while a skilled mason follows behind and smooths over the concrete. Aqualand uses 30% more concrete in the construction of its pools, resulting in a solid, stronger pool that will last for years to come.
Aqualand builds the strongest, best engineered gunite pools around, sculpting the shapes you want based on your desires, form and function, and practicality. No matter what size or shape you choose, you can be sure you will have a pool that can be enjoyed year after year!

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