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Merlin Safety Covers

A cheap vinyl cover held up with water bags is no way to protect your pool during the harsh winter months. Typically, these covers only last about 3 seasons until they become brittle and start falling apart. Not only that, they are weak and even the slightest peck of a birds beak can rip a hole through it, leaking the dirty contents into your winterized pool water. Waterbags may hold up the cover, but if a small child or family pet should fall onto the cover, those waterbags are not going to support them and a serious accident could happen.
So why not upgrade to a Professional Merlin Safety Cover? Merlin covers are made of a specially formulated, reinforced vinyl or polypropylene. Using 3ft. X. 3ft. spacing, Merlin criss-crosses heavy duty, triple stitched straps across the cover, creating a web that has a break strength more than 3 times the government standard. This web is extended past the edge of the cover where stainless steel tension springs hook onto brass anchors that are drilled into the deck. During the summer months, these anchors screw flush with the deck, so no toe stubbing will occur! Included with each newly installed Solid Safety Cover is an automatic pump* that sits in the center of the cover during the winter months. When water pools around the pump, the built in sensor turns the pump on, pumps the water off and then turns itself off. Standing water is now a thing of the past!
Merlin Safety Covers are available in standard rectangular sizes as well as custom shapes and sizes! Protect your pool and your family by investing in a Merlin Solid Safety Cover, and eliminate that backyard eye sore!

*Automatic pump not included with replacement solid safety covers.


Examples of Merlin Safety Covers

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